I still have no photos with me of the wedding :p

Finally, the wedding is over! Just back from the wedding dinner party which is quite grand and over 100 tables of guests there, oh god.

The wedding started from this morning at fui’s house, a lot of relatives and friends were gathered in the house and waiting to go to the church.

Honestly, the speech by the priest during the wedding was boring, and fui was doze off during the church wedding, haha. Anyway, fui was stunning today, hehe. I mean he looks good everyday for me, but even gorgeous today, really! I love you.

Okay, that’s over! I hope I can spend the rest of my days in tawau with him, but he seems so busy, hmph, don’t forget the day we should remember always, sweetheart….

Is still about the wedding!

Well, after the dinner last night, and follow to the chinese tradition, this is the last night for newlywed to stay and sleep in their own place, they can’t meet each other until tomorrow. After tomorrow, they gonna be the husband and wife officially.

So, I just went to fui’s house for a while and ate some ‘tong-yuen’, that’s one of the tradition also, but I left before they do up jin’s hair, is something like blessing for the wedding again for chinese people. Yes, chinese people always do so many things for the good future, and chinese people like to do that, and me too. Why? Because we only do this during the special event, like the wedding but not anytime anywhere, agree?

Tomorrow wedding ceremony at the church, and I’m quite looking forward to it. Although I didn’t help much in this wedding or I don’t know what to help, as the situation for me is like quite embarrass, hmph, but be the one of witnesses for this wedding is not bad for me too, I guess.

So, sleeping time is now, get into the bed is all what I want and need to do. good night!

 Bride & Groom 

The wedding banquet

Tonight is fui’s sis, jin, pre-wedding dinner (it’s the chinese tradition, the bride’s site will have a dinner with all the relatives and friends before the wedding ceremony). So, I should say this is the pre-wedding banquet. hehe

The dinner was held at their own house, lots of relatives and friends attended, and it was crowded! I just felt that to plan and prepare for a wedding is never easy, what type of wedding I wish to, and who I want to invite, and when is it, what type of wedding dress, where to take the photos..and so on! But all and all, that’s joyous and felicity I know!

This is not my wedding, so what I want to say is these will make me miss someone even more and I have lesser time to see the one I wish to meet.. but hey..what’s the point I come back actually? Keep telling myself is that to attend the wedding, okay?

Wish aaron and jin have a wonderful future and lots of happiness…

whoopss..sorry to say that I only took a picture today but that’s with the wedding photographer.

home sweet home (chapter n)

I don’t know how many times I been home,

but I’m so elated everytime I back!

This time, too.

I just had a haircut, feel lighter now!

hopefully some pics will upload later.

I met Allen when I stepped out from HairTech,

had a short conversation with him (or I should say that’s gossip actually)

and he drove me back to the shop after that, thanks.

haha, you better don’t do the bad things,

I will know! no no, I’m not 8 

ah ah, the day is still young..

my day should be ‘meaningfull’..

what’s the next?


oh well

Sometimes things are just like that, when you don’t think that will happen, but it does..Or you praying hardly for something, it never comes to yours.

I woke up few hours before class today and threw all the clothes into the machine, some milk and a bowl of maggie, then time to lecture.

When I just stepped into my slipper, des came out from room and told me she is going out tonight for concert!

‘whose concert?’ I asked

and she said ‘hehe.. TVSQ!’ , the korean group which wanmei sooo want to watch the group in real desperately!

I was shocked and turned my face to wanmei, she was in the kitchen and said ‘what?’ in innocent face.

I said ‘ hey, TVSQ, des is going to the concert!’

And I saw wanmei in teary eyes, so pity…

So, we then decided not going to lecture but went to sungei wang to find the ticket!!

I guess she’s so happy in the concert now as she sms me that she was just in front of the extended stage! haha

Okay, what a TVSQ! hehe

Run for dinner now, limshen coming.. see u.

two days away

*urgh* I’m so hate to attend the lecture at the weekend, but I don’t know why I hate it? Not much classes during the weekdays, but still, hate..

Wake up after 8/9-hour-nice-comfort-sleeping, I have to drag myself (hardly and unwillingly) from the bed and prepare everything to class..

As usual, I am having the very long and boring class later, hmph. Limshen is coming to have a drink with us tonight, but then I have another early morning lecture tomorrow, it’s 9am! argh.. No no, I must wake up in time, and also remind myself that I’m going back home soon, no lazy!

whopps, it’s time to take out the clothes from machine. see u.

all about today

Hm.. Just an afternoon in Midvalley, we went to the post office as the two girls got something seem very important and private thing to do there! hehe, don’t ask me what’s that? I guess I can’t give you the answer unless I have thier permission!

Had a lunch and then walking around there, feeling sooo want to shop but I just can’t find any reason why I need so much clothes!!





Am I like abit ‘don’t know what to do’ or sleepy or just why I need to take this pic? haha

My great Janet :)




I am so proud of you, Janet!

Janet got the highest mark among the violinists in Sabah and awarded by the Royal music college.

This is only for those who participated in 05/06,

the great thing is Janet just finished her test for 07 and she got the highest mark too!


(ignore the date in photos, just didn’t set the date properly! )


When is the Jerome’s turn?

a very tired day

Many of us (me, wanmei, janey, elaine, carrie, lawrence, bs) went to submit the CLP application form today. Oh my god, it was a very very long journey! We went to the Menara TunRazak which is situated at somewhere near MasjidJamek, I really had no idea where’s it but only followed their steps..

After that, we went to kepong from somewhere called Bandaraya (I really don’t know too much about KL). I only know that’s very very far from Bandaraya, and we were sooo hungry at that time! Had a high tea, or I should say it was more likely to dinner, at Kepong’s GayDakSek! The meal was really not bad, yummy!

Some pics taken by me, but I am not in the photo, why? I am the cameragirl! I just realised that my phone can take a not bad picture, ah ha..









Last but not least, THE VERY SPECIAL REQUEST from william! HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!!! May you have a wonderful birthday, and all your dreams come true! Take care…