Wesley 5th month

Time flies,

Wesley is 6th month now!

Time by time, Wesley becomes a big boy, holding mummy and daddy hands and entering the school gate,

and then, walking to school alone, driving car and going out with buddies, or girl friend,

flying over the sea to study, working…

Oh god, mummy can’t imagine here!

Mummy still remember the first time we met at the ward, you’re so tiny, and look exactly like daddy!

my boy my boy….

Wesley can turn himself, and becomes naughty, mummy and daddy love it!

You start to communicate with us, play with us! We’re connected! 🙂

Wesley first day on walker! You love it.

You start to hug your bolster and sleep.

You start to sleep and lean on either right or left side with your bolster

What happens at Grandma’s, stays @ grandma’s

what a GOOD boy!

we spent the xmas eve on bed with a silly movie!

First try on baby food, you like it!

new year eve, you went out with your big camera!

Yeah, mummy was bringing me out to walk around the park.

Somehow, mummy always want to take picture before everything.

see, the first pic (up left), Wesley: okay, take one!

second pic (up right), Wesley: mummy, can we go?

third pic (down left), Wesley: mummy, I think this angle is okay?

fourth pic (down right), Wesley: yeah! so relax!

I am so happy!

Hey, let me introduce my cousin, he’s Ethan!

I just can say, he’s crazy!  I will revenge when I grow up! LOL

dad and son time! So enjoy!

dad was helping me about release the little knots of my hairs.


Our Wesley growing up day by day,

we hope you’re a happy boy!

Love, dad and mum

My Birthday 16/01/2011


lougong 为我弄了一个小小又温馨的birthday dinner!





3 together

Thanks everyone for celebrating my birthday!

I got a complimentary sushi birthday cake from the restaurant 🙂

第二个蛋糕.听说是lougong精心选择的喔! 哈哈.


另外还有第三个蛋糕,是ah jin买的,没有拍照!也谢谢你的礼物:)

Thank you lougong!

Thanks for your endure everytime,

Thanks for your every little surprises, everytime

I Love You!

And my lovely gerbera

my son can write birthday card to me! Big boy. lol


All and all, I really have a euphoric birthday!

Thanks to all who celebrated with me!

And for sure, thanks to my one and only, my love, my sweetheart, my husband, my man, my lougong.

Lougong gave me a happy short trip

Me, Lougong, Victor & Anna, 4 of us had a 4 days trip at HK last year!

Yea, I know this is quite a late entry, but still, I want to upload this entry, as it’s quite a long long time I didn’t update my friends about my recent life but only about Wesley. hehe

The first day we arrived at 630pm, after we put down our luggage at hotel, we decided to go YongKei to have our yummylicious dinner.

When we arrived at the restaurant, there were thousand of ppl inside, and we got our ticket which we had to wait for half an hour.

So, we just walked down the street outside and wander around Lan Kwai Fong.

what a poor photographer

See what’s professional? lol

Honestly, that was my first time been to Lan Kwai Fong,

and my impression is just ‘oh.. that’s it?’ :p

Yeah, Finally!

And I forgot to take all the foods’ pic.haha


Awfully 烧味

mouth watering 烧鹅 .. so hungry now!

Tired us

See he can’t wait for the foods!

Victor & wife

Then, we had a walk at Langham Place, and showed Victor the crazy long escalator :s

The next morning, had a great original HK breakfast.

Just-woke up-look

Po Lo Pau

My favorite 🙂

Also, had a mango dessert at HuiLauSan

Lougong & 2 Victor

At 1881 Heritage, I love this place

Tiffany & Co. xmas tree, I just realised it’s Tiffany xmas tree when I came back from HK 😛


proper one 🙂

Time Square xmas decoration

Hotpot with Lougong’s HK friends.

old style

an old restaurant


different type of paste

Lougong and Cliff

Lougong is showing off his new dream bag

That’s the end of the trip, and I am looking forward to the next one. hehe

Wesley 4th month



Wesley 已经要半岁了! 我也要加把尽帮Wesley记录一下!


就是越来越可爱! 哈哈





Two little sweethearts in home 🙂


另外一天晚上,穿了婆婆送Thomas tee.

Wesley is so cute with polo tee, it’s from waipo



little giraffe Wesley, mummy likes!

mummy loves your every expression 🙂

3 together forever 🙂 heart