Wesley 5th Birthday Bash (BIG HERO 6) 12th July 2015

Wesley -24

Wesley is FIVE!
Daddy and Mommy wish you have a adventurous and amazing year ahead! ENJOY SON.
We Love you to the moon and back.

This year, I and Wesley discussed a lot about his birthday theme,
as you know, his mind is only surrounded by all the superheroes.
He was thinking about Iron Man, Transformers, etc…
But I, as a mommy, suggested (decided) about BIG HERO 6 theme, I think it is a not bad (great) idea! Hehe.
Anyway, Wesley loves Baymax too, and he accepted my suggestion. Oh Yeah!

We had a simple one with family and some Wesley’s friends.
Thank You everyone for coming to the birthday party, it couldn’t be merrier without your presence.

Wesley -2

I was thinking I can finish this by myself, glad that my sister is with me and gave me some suggestions about the arrangement, hehe.

Wesley -3

Some sinful snacks for the parents and kids.

Wesley -7

Wesley -29

M&M and Meiji YanYan, everyone loves it!

Wesley -19

Peanut butter + Chocolate, heavenly combo.

Wesley -13

Goodie Bags for kids and BIG HERO 6 energy drinks.

Wesley -30

Wesley -9

Wesley -10

What’s inside the goodie bag.
I like the goodie bag so much!
I hope the kids love this little Thank You gifs as I do.

Wesley -4

Wesley -6

Awfully chocolate cupcakes!
Thanks to sister for the beautiful calligraphy. Love it!

Wesley -33
This is actually the Glico chocolate sticks, I wrapped it with the specially printed Baymax orange paper.

Wesley -28

Last but not least, the awesome BIG WESLELY 5 cake from my talented friend Lily Lee.

Wesley -12

Enjoying the moment of throwing a party.

Wesley -26

All because of this little guy!
Your daddy once told me, Wesley made us complete.
This is absolutely right!
Because of you, daddy and mommy learn a little thing can make us happy too.
Because of you, daddy and mommy think as long as we are together, it doesn’t matter where we are.
Because of you, daddy and mommy know that life can be simple and satisfied.

‘Sometimes the smallest thing take up the most room in your heart’

-Winnie the Pooh-

And this year, our ‘little thing’ is turning FIVE.

Wesley -23

Wesley -22

Wesley -1

Wesley -45

Wesley -46

It was a sunny afternoon, everything is prepared, and we were waiting our guests patiently.

Wesley -21

Three of us!

Wesley -15

Me and my little sweetheart.

Wesley really grown up a lot, now he knows how to talk something silly to make mommy happy, he can comfort mommy when mommy is feeling down, saying ‘mommy, it’s alright, you still got me, you remember? ‘ (It’s really told by him without anyone’s hint)
Sometime I feel so surprise for what he did to me too.
Just like yesterday, I went to toilet with him to help him clean his face and feet before he squeezed up to bed. By the time we stepped out from the toilet, as a mother/adult I helped him to hold the door and let him out first, but, Wesley held the door quickly, and another hand put straight to show me the way out and said ‘oh mommy, after you!’ Awwww.. my little gentlemen! So cute yet so warm.

Wesley -18

Wesley and E E

Wesley -40

Wesley -39

Wesley and Gong Gong.

Wesley -37

Wesley got the nice wrapped birthday present from Jia Po.

Wesley -48

Wesley -50

Wesley -51

Wesley -52

Here come the guests! Wesley was ecstatic, as he can’t wait to collect all his presents!! Thank you all for the lovely pressies, Wesley was really spoilt!

Wesley -55

Girls talk

Wesley -56

Pretty Natalie

Wesley -62

Little cute cousin Isabelle.

Wesley -64

Tiny princess YingYing.

Wesley -65

Youngest guest Nixon looking calm and steady.

Wesley -61

Welcoming his guests..

Wesley -59

Wesley -60

Look at that face! Worth it!

Wesley -66

Let’s turn on the party!
Look at Wesley’s ‘unbelievable’ face.

Wesley -67

Wesley -68

Singing birthday song,
I can see Wesley’s ‘Is that real?’ expression on his face. Hehe

Wesley -69

Wesley -70

Wesley -71

Wesley -73

Make a wish!
Wish there will be more crazy unforgettable days ahead! Live fun, Work hard, Play harder!

Wesley -76

Blow the candles..

Wesley -77

And cut the cake! YEAH

Wesley -74

Thank you kids for coming!! You guys made the day.

Wesley -78

Wesley -82

Wesley -79

Wesley -91

Wesley -88

Come comfort your tummy with the delectable foods.

Wesley -84

Wesley -85

Wesley -80

Wesley -86

Wesley -87

Thank You Cafe Societe for the mouthwatering foods. LOVE IT!

So here comes to the end of the party! We hope everyone had an amusing afternoon, THANKS!!!

Wesley -41