oh well

Sometimes things are just like that, when you don’t think that will happen, but it does..Or you praying hardly for something, it never comes to yours.

I woke up few hours before class today and threw all the clothes into the machine, some milk and a bowl of maggie, then time to lecture.

When I just stepped into my slipper, des came out from room and told me she is going out tonight for concert!

‘whose concert?’ I asked

and she said ‘hehe.. TVSQ!’ , the korean group which wanmei sooo want to watch the group in real desperately!

I was shocked and turned my face to wanmei, she was in the kitchen and said ‘what?’ in innocent face.

I said ‘ hey, TVSQ, des is going to the concert!’

And I saw wanmei in teary eyes, so pity…

So, we then decided not going to lecture but went to sungei wang to find the ticket!!

I guess she’s so happy in the concert now as she sms me that she was just in front of the extended stage! haha

Okay, what a TVSQ! hehe

Run for dinner now, limshen coming.. see u.

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