a very tired day

Many of us (me, wanmei, janey, elaine, carrie, lawrence, bs) went to submit the CLP application form today. Oh my god, it was a very very long journey! We went to the Menara TunRazak which is situated at somewhere near MasjidJamek, I really had no idea where’s it but only followed their steps..

After that, we went to kepong from somewhere called Bandaraya (I really don’t know too much about KL). I only know that’s very very far from Bandaraya, and we were sooo hungry at that time! Had a high tea, or I should say it was more likely to dinner, at Kepong’s GayDakSek! The meal was really not bad, yummy!

Some pics taken by me, but I am not in the photo, why? I am the cameragirl! I just realised that my phone can take a not bad picture, ah ha..









Last but not least, THE VERY SPECIAL REQUEST from william! HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!!! May you have a wonderful birthday, and all your dreams come true! Take care…

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