The wedding banquet

Tonight is fui’s sis, jin, pre-wedding dinner (it’s the chinese tradition, the bride’s site will have a dinner with all the relatives and friends before the wedding ceremony). So, I should say this is the pre-wedding banquet. hehe

The dinner was held at their own house, lots of relatives and friends attended, and it was crowded! I just felt that to plan and prepare for a wedding is never easy, what type of wedding I wish to, and who I want to invite, and when is it, what type of wedding dress, where to take the photos..and so on! But all and all, that’s joyous and felicity I know!

This is not my wedding, so what I want to say is these will make me miss someone even more and I have lesser time to see the one I wish to meet.. but hey..what’s the point I come back actually? Keep telling myself is that to attend the wedding, okay?

Wish aaron and jin have a wonderful future and lots of happiness…

whoopss..sorry to say that I only took a picture today but that’s with the wedding photographer.

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