The brand new year

Welcome 2008, can’t believe that I was having a drink at the tawau town at around 4am, the very early morning with fui, ben and xinxin. haha. That’s not bad anyway, since I miss all the countdown celebration, I guess. hehe.

Many photos to share but all still in the phone, so I have to transfer all the photos by today, perhaps afternoon later at fui’s. hmmm.. So, I will let the photos to tell it all at a bit later.

Where’s fui?? I thought I can see him more today because I guess I can’t at the pf day which is tomorrow. *sob*


2 days away and say byebye to 2007

That’s too fast to pass a year, I still remember the time I was busy to prepare my visa and fui helped me to collect it, then I took my flight to uk, few months passed then I am graduated, and I back, and I’m sitting CLP now! Wow.. How fast it is!

The last year’s today, fui was already arrived at ncl for two days, and I guess we were so excited to prepare our documents, winter clothes and everything to go Paris and celebrate our 5th! I wish we can go again, sweetheart!

One of my friend, his birthday is just at tomorrow, and I am invited to attend his birthday tonight at 10pm at the zenzi which I haven’t been there yet. I am still thinking if I am going.. No drinks for me, don’t like to shout with people inside the club (I mean talking), can’t really dance well, and I even don’t know who else is attending too! Or we should meet up somewhere other than that chungwai? hehe Anyway, have a blast 24th birthday celebration! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

The boxing day

The boxing day which is 26th of Dec

Flipping many people’s blog, surfing on the friendster or facebook, staring at the personal messages in the msn messenger list, most of my friends are talking about the boxing day!

Everyone is talking about the SALE, the very very BIG SALE! Everyone like preparing going down to London and grab all things back, how I wish I can shop until I drop too! hehe

On the other way round, everyone is unwrapping their christams gifts on the boxing day! The sad thing is, I’m thinking hardly what’s my x’mas gift or I left it at somewhere? haha. Okay, that’s mean I don’t get any christmas gift, hmm..I should say the christmas is not that happening here or MY christmas is not that great actually?

I think I love to unwrap a lot and a lot of gifts rather than shopping myself with no sense. hehe

All and all, I hope you all really had the brilliant boxing day!


can you find where’s meimei and didi? Guess they have the excited boxing day!

time passes fast

I can’t believe it’s already 26th of Dec today, and we are stepping forward into the 2008 in the very soon time, it’s just 4-5 days away. 7 days until pf day and 9 days until college reopen. Oh gosh. I am going back to KL soon, I don’t want! This holiday is too short! It’s like I haven’t really enjoy to my holidays then I need to get back the study mood again, that’s so pity!

The days with fui is not enough yet, bleahh.. Even I just sit there and staring him with his friends playing the winning eleven, I am quite satisfy with it hehe. Our x’mas wasn’t that happening, so I just hope the new year is not that ‘normal’ instead. That’s quite good right? At least, I guess, I am not blaming or complaining anymore, but I will try to involve into the situation and try to think at the good way, this is our day! Argh, I know I am like out of track and don’t know what I’m bluffing here.

Yesterday, was having drink with chok and keong them and then all of them fooling at fui’s place. We had a yummy x’mas hakka-dinner at yiyi’s place then we had ‘National Treasure’ as the ending of our christmas. The movie is not bad and worth to try.

Today is back to the working day again, everyone is working hard, mummy and daddy, fui, and even sister! So, I’m the only one so free. Breakfast with parents, and the short-precious lunch with fui (especially during the working-days, I treasure this very much!), and what’s the next? I hope to have a drink with my buddies later, tee-hee.

Joy to the world

Merry Christmas! Have you all got the x’mas pressiesss? What’s that? I don’t have any x’mas present, and I start to miss the last christmas at Newcastle. Also, I still remember that mummy and daddy always bought me and sister a x’mas present every year, we were so elated during the christmas time. Yes, kids always feel happy to the x’mas just because of the x’mas giftsss! However, this is not a bad christmas for me. I am so glad to have a nice dinner with my old chaps at the christmas eve, and then spent one-two hour with my sweetheart! That’s enough! And this morning, me mummy and bernice (I used to call her ling anyway) went to church to celebrate our JesusChrist’s birthday! I know I can’t demand so much for the christmas like our OWN birthday. So, why don’t we just enjoy it? Ah ha, this remind me that my birthday is just few weeks away..




扂砑帤斛藩跺飲眭耋妦繫岆埴袤諺最﹝婓扂奻涴珨跺諺最眳ㄛ扂珩跦掛祥眭耋妦繫岆埴袤ㄐ晊喧隙懂須綬憩岆峈賸睿fui統樓涴珨跺諺最﹝扂蠅奻賸涴跺諺最爵腔菴珨論ㄛ請酕&蜊曹腔薯講*﹝坻蠅垀衄腔諺最飲壽衾&腔妏蚚忒聊*ㄛ岆諒扂蠅睡淏妏蚚扂蠅赻撩ㄐ婓涴跺諺最爵ㄛ絞坻蠅岆諒賸勍嗣腔陲昹ㄛ筍扂軞橇腕奀潔竭酗ㄛ垀眕湖謏阯都都楷汜ㄐ慇慇﹝奧ㄛ衄腔岆坻蠅婓菴珨毞憩頗請扂蠅砃垀衄佽&扂乾斕*ㄛ綴跤珨跺big hugㄐ陛ㄛ符妎祥壅腔ㄛ扂器猁饒繫酕儸ㄐ筍岆ㄛ扂蠅垀衄ㄛ湮衙衄200酘衵ㄛ飲桽酕賸ㄐ朸鎘ˋ勤扂懂佽ㄛ扂遜雙羲陑秪峈妎賸珨虳陔攬衭ㄛ珩勍岆秪峈扂怮壅飲羶衄妎陔腔攬衭賸ㄐ奧ㄛ婓饒撓毞爵ㄛ扂符楷橇涴跺岍賜奻藩跺飲衄覂赻撩腔嘟岈ㄛ遜眕峈硐楷汜婓牁爵腔曄ㄛ器頗婓扂旯晚珩泭腕獗ㄛ艘獗珨虳飲煌煌霜濡ㄛ淩祥腕祥驚督涴跺諺最爵腔悝酗睿橾呇ㄛ坻蠅器頗珨虳婓饒毞爵侔綱飲俇蜊曹ㄛ綴疑砉芼倳橇賸ㄛ綴際賸..脹脹




I’m home

Hello everybody, I’m just arrived in Tawau last night! And I have sooo much things to share.. Will be updated soon! Take care, and may you all have a blessed and wonderful x’mas! Merry Christmas XOXO