Is still about the wedding!

Well, after the dinner last night, and follow to the chinese tradition, this is the last night for newlywed to stay and sleep in their own place, they can’t meet each other until tomorrow. After tomorrow, they gonna be the husband and wife officially.

So, I just went to fui’s house for a while and ate some ‘tong-yuen’, that’s one of the tradition also, but I left before they do up jin’s hair, is something like blessing for the wedding again for chinese people. Yes, chinese people always do so many things for the good future, and chinese people like to do that, and me too. Why? Because we only do this during the special event, like the wedding but not anytime anywhere, agree?

Tomorrow wedding ceremony at the church, and I’m quite looking forward to it. Although I didn’t help much in this wedding or I don’t know what to help, as the situation for me is like quite embarrass, hmph, but be the one of witnesses for this wedding is not bad for me too, I guess.

So, sleeping time is now, get into the bed is all what I want and need to do. good night!

 Bride & Groom 

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