Lazy Sunday (again), I and mei decided not going to Sunday Lecture and our reason is the class is early, the class is boring, and another tutor will recap for us next week, it’s only time wasting to sit in the class..etc etc… Yes, we always have so much reasons for not going to where, or what to do! hehe

Okay, after decided not going to the 9am-early class at the morning, so sleeping until the end of the world is the best activity ever, especially at Sunday! However, I woke up at 630am this morning! Oh my god, I don’t know WHY!! I tried to sleep back but I can’t! The only thing  I can do at that time is to give a buzz to fui! So sweet, I love to listen his voice in the early morning! *wink* After a short-sweet-loving conversation, the time is still early and not feel like to eat yet, so I choose to clean the house! It only took about half an hour, then only I felt hungry..

The time passes so slow!! And the ‘concert’ started again! Since yesterday, something concert, and I don’t know what’s really going on at the back of our place.. Those Malays kept singing and gave out the speechesss, it was non-stop!!! No discrimination, but I guess It was finished at around 12am *wtf*!  This morning, again…started at around 9am… Sing sing and sing… that’s really cannot help but just ‘listen’…

Hmph…guess it’s the time to get ready for the dinner now! We are going to Bangsar later! see u

All about emails

I got some emails today..

One of the mails is about the congregation! I (we) have been invited to attend another congreration in KL again!!?? That’s free of charge and I can invite two guests to attend the congregation! But I’m not sure whether that’s available for me (us) who already had an unforgettable convocation at England! So, is it just like nothing? How good if I can take some more pictures!!

And another email is about the YoungPersonRail card! Owww, it made me thinking of the life at England! I still remember the card was registered at Newcastle train station with Fui! We were off to Sheffield, oh god, I am starting to miss the life there.. 

Okay, back in to the reality, stop dreaming.. Class starting tomorrow, and I’m going back to Tawau within 10 days! Wondering how’s the wedding going on..

don’t know why

Maybe sleepy

Maybe really not in mood

Maybe can’t see each other’s expression

So a bit misunderstanding

So a bit dissapointed

So a bit unhappy

Sometimes, I only have something to tell at the silent late night…

Nonetheless, I have to understand the situation

I have to know that not everyone like me..

I don’t blame, because I told myself I have to stay calm and firm, and I promise to do so..

I will not break this promise, so I have to swallow all my feelings?

Perhaps, I really wrong sometime..sorry.

The deepavali weekend_kyle’s 21st birthday!

Friday afternoon, me and wanmei had a lunch with Jiun and Faruq at Midvalley! Yea, nando’s again, I have no idea why always nando’s…  That was the first met since I back from England…




Picture 003

Today, Saturday, is AhGai (Kyle)’s birthday! So, once again, we met up at Midvalley! We had a simple lunch with Kyle, and then a little celebrateion at SecretRecipe..

Picture 015


Picture 017

Picture 018

 Picture 020

Picture 022

Happy 21st, Kyle

Picture 006

Took this photos during the lunch, he was soo unwilling to serve me, mei and kyle! And also, kept complaning the sofa at my house! You’re soo lucky to have the chance to stay overnight in my place and sleep in the cosy living room, Faruq!!!! haha

Had a walk at TheGarden today, is a nice place to shop, but that’s sooo bad I don’t have any money to shop! I’m soooo poor now!


I can’t see the fireworks outside my room as I am staying at 5th floor only, and I don’t really feel like to watch the fireworks here, for deepavali! But I want to complain is, that is so noisy! How can I sleep??

Anyway, had a night out with limshen tonight! So happy, he still came to find us although we are not staying that near anymore! hehehe… some pics here!




Anyway, Happy Deepavali!




踏毞狟敁ㄛ植subang懂善hillpark 涴爵ㄛ唸懂腔垀衄陲昹飲猁植陔淕燴ㄛ奧猁珂參滇潔賞珨楓符夔劂參垀衄陲昹unpackㄐ淩腔岆濛踹賸ㄐ筍岆涴硐岆滇潔毓峓奧眒ㄐ隴毞遜猁淕燴諦泆睿報滇陛ㄐ呥毓峓祥湮ㄛ筍砑善隴毞褫夔岆竭濛腔珨毞ㄛ隻#.











眳綴ㄛ扂蠅善tm point饒爵扠萇趕盄ㄛ眳綴符夔劂扠streamyx﹝涴虳岈遜褫淩岆扂腔菴珨棒ㄛ疆賸珨謫符衄隙善模爵袧掘俀絃ㄐDes湖呾睿鹹衭善俋醱勛ㄛ垀眕扂睿wanmei遜衄janey珨婓模袧掘俀絃ㄐ遜祥渣ㄐ隱婓模爵勛宎笝掀勛俋醱腔疑ㄛ扂植懂飲岆饒繫橇腕ㄐ鉣..








減淏坋媼萸諉善斕腔萇趕ㄛ婓萇趕爵蛅pf day帤轎祥岆珨璃氈岈ㄐ

I don*t love you, only, but I love the way you love me, I love you for who you are! I love you forever till the end of the world#I will#

Thank you sweetheart, every loving pf day#

My lifetime listens to yours..

This is the sweet pf day.










遜眕峈踏毞褫眕奻厙賸ㄐ崋繫眭耋脹善毞窪賸ㄛmodem腔腑遜岆羶衄謠懂ㄐ賦彆埻懂岆萇趕盄腔恀枙ㄛ甜祥岆modemstreamyx腔恀枙ㄐ垀眕ㄛ隴毞猁脹telekom腔懂賤寰ㄐ陞..羶衄域楊ㄛ珩祥岆羶衄蟻徹.. 峔衄樟哿華脹陛ㄐ



p/s: 陔模腔眈湮衙眕綴符溫奻懂ㄐ瘉瘉..疑祥眢符奻善厙儸ㄐ