a week passed

Today is a hot sunday, I thought the condition in the room can be better after the raining, but no!!

Anyway, I and wanmei had a great dinner (again) with bui and andrew at pyramid.  I am so happy to meet my old friends, always!!

*Ohya, the new wing of pyramid is just opened! That’s looks so complicated for me!


mei, andrew (pretty?), and bui


the new street


somewhere in front of Jusco




some shops..


bui with muffin


andrew..so unwilling..he’s a guy!!


evidently, tired life (or boring) in KL..


she is hungry actually



thanks andrew for the dinner

I thought it could be a bit different

I can’t wait, I can’t wait to talk with him since the time he told me that we will have a long-chat tonight as tonight is saturday night ! I was so elated and I just wait and wait…I got his sms during the boring lecture.. I smiled as I knew I can chat with him at later time, no matter how bored is the lecture! yeppee..

Okay, we just finished the phone call..hmph, still same.. maybe my sound is just make him feel sleepy all the way! hmph.. a bit dissapointed tonight, the saturday night! what a waste! But, I should expect this would be happened!  

*I’m wondering whether the coming pf day..is like..still the SAME! please..noooo


I was day dreaming in class today, the lecture was so boring! CLP is just killing me (us).

Anyway, talking about the dream! What’s your dream?  I met BoKhiong today, he’s my senior when I was still a young little innocent girl in St.John Ambulance, he’s like a big brother! He was like so surprise I’m in KL now and I’m so hardworking to attend the boring-5-hour-lecture! hehe.. Last but not least, it’s about when’s my turn to get marry! Ahha..that’s wanmei‘s job, she’s my spokesperson now, to answer what’s my plan for my wedding and even WHEN’s it!! (sweetheart, what to do?) I wish I can attend any one of friends’ wedding ceremony, no reason, a wedding ceremoney can let me to meet a lot of old bucks! Hey, anyone out there who want to invite me? That’s my pleasure to send u a regard and then a hug for you to hope that you can stay happy always! *lol*

A day out

Today, me and wanmei went to KLcentral from SubangKtmStation to meet up with wansim and tankok (sim‘s bf), we decided to have a lunch at KLCC. Janey joined us after rooms hunting at PantaiHillPark too. We had a very great chat at nando’s, but then it made me soooo tired (laughing too much I guess)! Then, I was so lazy to attend the tutorial, anyway, just force to go! We arrived at college around 7.40pm but actually the tutorial started at 6.30pm! hahaha.. Whatever! Me, wanmei and james, after the class, went to AsiaCafe after showed the room to someone who is interested to rent, she’s tina by the way. So fulled now!!

*Just finish talking with fui, miss him lots!! He always falls asleep easily when he’s talking with me at night…  

dinner with limshen (again)

Limshen drove me and wanmei to AsiaCafe and we had a great dinner there!

Limshen is really a funny and easy-going guy, anyone interested? *lol*

Argh, fui text me he is having a drink with friends at outside, I know he’s definitely sleepy when he talks to me later, or he’s sleeping now? So, why don’t just give me a buzz now?  

Mid-Autumn Festival

I and wanmei just ate a piece of mooncake which brought by bui‘s gf 

I and wanmei went to sunway pyramid at afternoon,

actually we dated bui for dinner, but we bumped into him at SushiKing.

Then, we had a walk in pyramid,

had the mooncake-festival dinner at nando’s!

A great night, a lot of bygones pop out in our mind.

non-stop laughing… happy! 





Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!