2 days away and say byebye to 2007

That’s too fast to pass a year, I still remember the time I was busy to prepare my visa and fui helped me to collect it, then I took my flight to uk, few months passed then I am graduated, and I back, and I’m sitting CLP now! Wow.. How fast it is!

The last year’s today, fui was already arrived at ncl for two days, and I guess we were so excited to prepare our documents, winter clothes and everything to go Paris and celebrate our 5th! I wish we can go again, sweetheart!

One of my friend, his birthday is just at tomorrow, and I am invited to attend his birthday tonight at 10pm at the zenzi which I haven’t been there yet. I am still thinking if I am going.. No drinks for me, don’t like to shout with people inside the club (I mean talking), can’t really dance well, and I even don’t know who else is attending too! Or we should meet up somewhere other than that chungwai? hehe Anyway, have a blast 24th birthday celebration! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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