I hate shopping

I hate to shop! I have soooo much things want to buy, but I can’t grab all to home! What should I do! *headache*

Who can shop with me? I mean who can shop with me and pay it for me? Please lar, x’mas and birthday coming soon ar ma.  I won’t make you feel tired to shop with me, because I will not just walking around the shopping mall and do nothing. I will just go into those shops that I really want, very fast! I promise..

Thanks god I found you







A quite tiring day

Yeah, finally I can attend the lecture! haha

I can stay in the class for 5 hours! *handclap*

The class was finished at around 630pm, the lecturer is sooo nice! hehe

After that, I and wanmei went to midvalley to meet up leekok and jiun, as leekok is leaving tomorrow so we were so rush to have a dinner!

Some pics before going back home.


talking something really serious.





p/s: sorry sweetheart to make you worry again.. I love you

Not too soon, but not too late

I went to Uncle Leong’s house (LeongFun’s dad) to attend the Putter’s party dinner and also Ethan’s full-moon party last night. Everything was okay and I have no idea with it too, hehe. The important thing is LeongFun and Pearl are having Ethan now, I hope they are always living happily together, I’m sure they will.

Seems like as I had attend the wedding party and full-moon party within these 10 days (a short period), and it’s more likely related to the couple’s thing, I mean between me and fui, so there are a lot of people who we bumped into always ask when’s our turn, fui always throw the question to me,  how do I know that, sweetheart? Really a lot, even some people take it quite serious like what type of wedding we should have and gave us some suggestions how it should be, and some people already assume that our wedding is sure at the end of next year! errr…