time passes fast

I can’t believe it’s already 26th of Dec today, and we are stepping forward into the 2008 in the very soon time, it’s just 4-5 days away. 7 days until pf day and 9 days until college reopen. Oh gosh. I am going back to KL soon, I don’t want! This holiday is too short! It’s like I haven’t really enjoy to my holidays then I need to get back the study mood again, that’s so pity!

The days with fui is not enough yet, bleahh.. Even I just sit there and staring him with his friends playing the winning eleven, I am quite satisfy with it hehe. Our x’mas wasn’t that happening, so I just hope the new year is not that ‘normal’ instead. That’s quite good right? At least, I guess, I am not blaming or complaining anymore, but I will try to involve into the situation and try to think at the good way, this is our day! Argh, I know I am like out of track and don’t know what I’m bluffing here.

Yesterday, was having drink with chok and keong them and then all of them fooling at fui’s place. We had a yummy x’mas hakka-dinner at yiyi’s place then we had ‘National Treasure’ as the ending of our christmas. The movie is not bad and worth to try.

Today is back to the working day again, everyone is working hard, mummy and daddy, fui, and even sister! So, I’m the only one so free. Breakfast with parents, and the short-precious lunch with fui (especially during the working-days, I treasure this very much!), and what’s the next? I hope to have a drink with my buddies later, tee-hee.

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