The boxing day

The boxing day which is 26th of Dec

Flipping many people’s blog, surfing on the friendster or facebook, staring at the personal messages in the msn messenger list, most of my friends are talking about the boxing day!

Everyone is talking about the SALE, the very very BIG SALE! Everyone like preparing going down to London and grab all things back, how I wish I can shop until I drop too! hehe

On the other way round, everyone is unwrapping their christams gifts on the boxing day! The sad thing is, I’m thinking hardly what’s my x’mas gift or I left it at somewhere? haha. Okay, that’s mean I don’t get any christmas gift, hmm..I should say the christmas is not that happening here or MY christmas is not that great actually?

I think I love to unwrap a lot and a lot of gifts rather than shopping myself with no sense. hehe

All and all, I hope you all really had the brilliant boxing day!


can you find where’s meimei and didi? Guess they have the excited boxing day!

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