Wesley’s Birthday Bash!

Wesley’s first birthday party, I and lougong was thinking to make a little yet warm party for him.

Thus, we planned to celebrate at Golf Club which I and lougong think that is a country and cosy place for us to give Wesley a memorable birthday celebration.

We have our close family members and some friends here, thanks to everyone who attended the party, we appreciated.

And we think Wesley did enjoy his birthday there, and he tried out his first unaided step there, what a great milestone for the little son, we’re so proud of you.

Our boy is now 1 year old, I can’t imagine it, the day you came to our world is just like yesterday! We love you!

Wesley’s birthday cake, it’s a bit out of my expectation.

Anyway, that’s special I guess..

High tea

some simple decorations and goodie bags for everyone

Wesley was so happy when he knew he can WALK! lol

Aww.. you have to behave yourself boy,

he’s your great-granddad

with granny

Could not take a nice picture though,

Wesley was not in a mood to take photo~

QQ, EE, Gugu, JieJie, YiPo, GuPo, PoPo, GongGong

‘talk’ like a boss

Some photos under the sunny

with YiPo And PoPo

Still, can’t take any good one

with GongGong and GuPo.

it’s far more better than before.

He felt good when he stepped on the grass,

the first time on the grass..

Some family portraits..

How good if Wesley can only give one shot to look at the cam.

Cute Boy

Started to feel sleepy..

He can give any expression to you provided you give him to eat, play..

as long as he’s happy 🙂

So many balloons, even bubbles….

 I love this pic, so lovely

Wanna grab the balloon from Ethan,

from the photo, you can see who was the winner,

the one sitting on the grass with teary eye is the loser..


It’s time to sing birthday song,

and cut the birthday cake,

Wesley laughed when he cut the cake,

he was so happy with holding the knife.

We wish you happy forever.

You’re always our little boy.

When you dare to dream,

dare to fly,

there’s time..

We’re always be with you.


papa and mama

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