PF anniversary

This is our 2-yr-ROM-anniversary.

Hehe, our actual day is on 7th of Dec.

I asked Lougong last night, whether we celebrate on 8/8 or 7/12, he said both.

I wonder what are we going to do tonight, I don’t expect too much anyway.

I feel so good, Eason’s songs still spinning in my mind.

I even dreamt about Eason at the night after the concert.

It’s absolutely awesome, love the presentation of Eason, love the way he talked, love how he communicated with his fans!


And, for sure,

I would love to give my Lougong a big kiss,

I felt so surprise when he MMS me the photo of the tickets, I can’t believe we’re actually attending the concert!

Lougong even found a very very good seats for us, oh sooo sweet!! hehe

This is one of the best PF present. 🙂

And HAPPY PF anniversary.

I Love You Lougong!  heart

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