5 more days

It’s 5 more days to my birthday.
It’s 5 more days I can have a big kiss from my sweetheart.
It’s 5 more days I don’t need to stay in this kampung anymore!

Thanks to all my lovely buddies last night, I had a great night! And thanks to the surprise, I mean the cake! haha. I really appreciate it! So happy!!

And today, Limshen brought me to lunch at ZEN sushi, and this is a birthday treat! hehe! Also, he brought me to Putrajaya to have a look, that’s really breathtaking! Although the night view is even good!

I did have a great weekend. Thank You friends.

Got to prepare for dinner with collegues. XXX

p/s: I can’t change the font style and color as I’m using MacBook now! I am in love with him anyway. Yes, the Macbook is a boy.

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