Trapped in Bangi

I received an urgent e-mail last Friday that I have to attend the training at KL, Kajang, Bangi on Monday! Oh Jesus!

Hm..what to say, I have a roommate here, She kept asking me about the sales thing, how much is my target, who is my RM, did I hit my target, and how to do with my task in branch and so on when I JUST arrived in the room at 1030pm Sunday! Obviously, I don’t have a warm welcome here but a very SERIOUS one. How sad haha.

By the way, the room provided by the training center is acceptable but not the good one.

Today is Wednesday, still long way to go, 8.45am until 5.45pm everyday is abit of suffering, or killing!

I’m sooo looking forward to the next Friday! HEHE!

Dinner soon. tata!

Oh ya, the food here is bad!

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