Happy PF day, Lougong! 02/10

I don’t need any present,

I don’t need any celebration!

I just want a good weekend with You!!!

Love You!


Oh yea, I attended 3 wedding dinners in a week! Haha…

And, our room renovation is almost done!!

Happy Mid-Autumn to everyone!

Off to bed, I gotta feeling that tonight is gonna be a good good night.










5 more days

It’s 5 more days to my birthday.
It’s 5 more days I can have a big kiss from my sweetheart.
It’s 5 more days I don’t need to stay in this kampung anymore!

Thanks to all my lovely buddies last night, I had a great night! And thanks to the surprise, I mean the cake! haha. I really appreciate it! So happy!!

And today, Limshen brought me to lunch at ZEN sushi, and this is a birthday treat! hehe! Also, he brought me to Putrajaya to have a look, that’s really breathtaking! Although the night view is even good!

I did have a great weekend. Thank You friends.

Got to prepare for dinner with collegues. XXX

p/s: I can’t change the font style and color as I’m using MacBook now! I am in love with him anyway. Yes, the Macbook is a boy.

Happy Halloween people

But I don’t celebrate Halloween! haha

It’s weekend, yeepee! However, Fui is not around.

Hey, this Sunday is PFday! It’s great as the PFdays during this year always fall on the weekend.

I am waiting you here, sweetheart!

No photos recently, but will try to post one or two pictures taken during the annual dinner perhaps…

Got to sneak into bed now, working ppl really really need a good rest during weekend!

Good weekend everyone.