Miss the moment when everything just started

I can feel myself is already attached on someone, my everything is just going with the boyfriend, happy or unhappy. Sometimes, I wish I can be more independent, because it’s suffering sometime.. I will feel blue when I can’t see him, I will feel down when I can’t talk to him, I will feel sad when I realise that I can’t see him for a day, I will feel unhappy when I am doing nothing but just wanting to see him. I hate the feeling of missing sometime, maybe if I see him at faraway can make me happy a bit, instead of seeing nothing…

Like I’m sitting in front of the screen now but not spending the weekend with him, the great weekend for everyone. People said the things always most beautiful when everything is just starts, and I start to miss the moment like last year..

Somehow, I understand the situation now. Perhaps, just let me to miss those days rather than miss you like crazy now. *tears drop*

*why I keep looking out of the window to see whether there’s any white car outside my gate?

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