The only saturday I have

When I was in KL, I was start to think when I can have the real time to spend with fui. I knew he must busy for jin’s wedding, maybe after the wedding? maybe we can spend a little bit time during the weedding for each other? and I wish the weekend which he’s very free at that time and no need to work (perhaps) so we can stick together for the very very long time. 

But today, we only have about 5 minutes phone-talk and about 10 sms. I am not complaning how less of sms or how short for the phone conversation, but that’s just different from what I thought before. I’m a bit dissapointed and of course a bit of unhappy now. Anyhow, wanphui must become the understanding girlfriend or the lovely sweetheart ever. I just keep reminding myself to calm down and trying to understand his situation. Yes, he’s really busy and he can’t get out from what he’s busy at suddenly. So, today is today, it’s already happened and gonna be tomorrow soon, what I want to complain is just useless.

How I spent my saturday actually, not much talking as maybe I’m not really in mood, sometimes answer mum and sis question or talking a bit about the tv programme or..I nearly forgot what I did today, because was flat. And sister was going out to meet her friends who back from australia. Hey, what more I can do? HELP ME! Unexpectedly, chungwai was gave me a buzz, I’m so so boring and he’s damn boring, so we talked for quite a long while, as we know we will back to boring again after hang up the phone. sigh~

I am quite afraid to think about tomorrow actually, because too much hope will only make me down at the end of the day.

The stupid me is still hoping the white car will passby my house. *give myself a smack hardly*

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