When you been told you come first than everything..

You really think that you always be the first when you been told that you are the first to be considered, me either. That’s quite headache or suffering when you feel you’re not, or you guess you’re not. You will start to think many things and take tons of reaons why you don’t or can’t be the first this time or that time. Even worse, when you’re being the first, you will doubt that whether this is the really ‘first‘ or you’re the only second or third, or you’re being the something tiny thing at the middle of the first and second thing, I mean the thing use to fill in the blank between first and second so it becomes FULLED. Ironically, you are so happy to being the first, but do you ever think that you are only STANDBY there to be the first, so is this can still be considered as the first? Lots of delicious food in front of you, you always like the ice-cream, so the ice-cream is not afraid that you’ll take others as your First food, cos ice-cream always be your first choice. But you can choose to eat or not to eat today. Yes, the ice-cream is still your first choice, but you don’t want to eat ANYTHING today, the ice-cream must feel so depress, but it’s still in front of you anytime.. Hmph, after all, is it I need to say that the ice-cream is not being cheated anyway, because it’s still the first? *faint*

Will you still want to be the first? So sweet to listen, so hard to accept.

All the reasons are acceptable why cannot be the FIRST first. maybe next time.

should know that k.

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