Lazy Sunday (again), I and mei decided not going to Sunday Lecture and our reason is the class is early, the class is boring, and another tutor will recap for us next week, it’s only time wasting to sit in the class..etc etc… Yes, we always have so much reasons for not going to where, or what to do! hehe

Okay, after decided not going to the 9am-early class at the morning, so sleeping until the end of the world is the best activity ever, especially at Sunday! However, I woke up at 630am this morning! Oh my god, I don’t know WHY!! I tried to sleep back but I can’t! The only thing  I can do at that time is to give a buzz to fui! So sweet, I love to listen his voice in the early morning! *wink* After a short-sweet-loving conversation, the time is still early and not feel like to eat yet, so I choose to clean the house! It only took about half an hour, then only I felt hungry..

The time passes so slow!! And the ‘concert’ started again! Since yesterday, something concert, and I don’t know what’s really going on at the back of our place.. Those Malays kept singing and gave out the speechesss, it was non-stop!!! No discrimination, but I guess It was finished at around 12am *wtf*!  This morning, again…started at around 9am… Sing sing and sing… that’s really cannot help but just ‘listen’…

Hmph…guess it’s the time to get ready for the dinner now! We are going to Bangsar later! see u

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