All about emails

I got some emails today..

One of the mails is about the congregation! I (we) have been invited to attend another congreration in KL again!!?? That’s free of charge and I can invite two guests to attend the congregation! But I’m not sure whether that’s available for me (us) who already had an unforgettable convocation at England! So, is it just like nothing? How good if I can take some more pictures!!

And another email is about the YoungPersonRail card! Owww, it made me thinking of the life at England! I still remember the card was registered at Newcastle train station with Fui! We were off to Sheffield, oh god, I am starting to miss the life there.. 

Okay, back in to the reality, stop dreaming.. Class starting tomorrow, and I’m going back to Tawau within 10 days! Wondering how’s the wedding going on..

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