The deepavali weekend_kyle’s 21st birthday!

Friday afternoon, me and wanmei had a lunch with Jiun and Faruq at Midvalley! Yea, nando’s again, I have no idea why always nando’s…  That was the first met since I back from England…




Picture 003

Today, Saturday, is AhGai (Kyle)’s birthday! So, once again, we met up at Midvalley! We had a simple lunch with Kyle, and then a little celebrateion at SecretRecipe..

Picture 015


Picture 017

Picture 018

 Picture 020

Picture 022

Happy 21st, Kyle

Picture 006

Took this photos during the lunch, he was soo unwilling to serve me, mei and kyle! And also, kept complaning the sofa at my house! You’re soo lucky to have the chance to stay overnight in my place and sleep in the cosy living room, Faruq!!!! haha

Had a walk at TheGarden today, is a nice place to shop, but that’s sooo bad I don’t have any money to shop! I’m soooo poor now!

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