The Sport Day & Family Picnic

I was so looking forward to Wesley’s School Sport Day since the first day of school,

and this is the second year for Wesley to join the sport day.

I love to see all the kids playing around, 

and how they complete every mission given by teachers.

I believe all the parents feel satisfied and blessed with what their kids done,

just like me.

Wesley’s school is not a very big school,

but I think it’s more easy to make everyone of us get closer,

and join the games freely and happily.

Wesley just woke up from nap

Don’t know what’s happening

Get some energy before the games start

Jacob and mommy and sister

Are you ready?

Let’s stretch with your parachute.

Teacher Hannah in control!

Erica, gotcha!

Mommy’s Boy

Amelia with Mommy

It’s Wesley turn!

Hop Hop Rabbit

Great Job little rabbit!

And here comes rolling the big ball

Working hard

Wesley: Mommy, this is tired and not funny at all! :p

Passing the ball

Take a rest

Then, the senior group ‘searching your buddy’

Madelyn in action

The baby group

The naughty one, grabbing others’ gun.

Mommy and Kid

We’re the last one. HAHA

Daddy and Wesley

Suppose kid throwing the water ball to dad, but it becomes husband and wife.

Some foods before water fun


This is the end of the semester.

It was a great afternoon for us!

And we will keep this memory for Wesley.

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