Happy 32nd to My Forever Sweetheart

14th of April

Lougong’s Birthday

You’re a big man now!

I hope you love the everything I prepared for you.

I hope you enjoyed the moment that we all shared together.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday night.

The simple yet meaningful birthday, that we only share with our favorite persons in life. Family and Friends.

Hungry like the wolf

The Birthday Boy

I guess Victor enjoyed the Sushi very much. Haaaa

My little man is peeling the red-birthday-egg.

Very concentrate.

Me and Lougong

What’s more perfect than this moment? Lay back, enjoy, chit-chat, foods and drinks etc..

Very yummy birthday cake

Celebrating a man one year older, two steps wiser (although he has enough of itsilly)

Three of us


A very ambitious man like my husband, you,

I wish all your dreams come true.

The best is yet to come,

I am here to support you, always!


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