My Precious Birthday

It’s a bit late to talk about my birthday,

but this is such a memorable day for me!

Thank you all who sent me greetings through phone, sms, fb messages etc.

I really appreciated! THANK YOU!

I didn’t had a very great birthday celebration, but definitely the warmest party through the year (Although the year is just started :p)

It’s such a great moment to have Mimi, Phin here as they were coming back for CNY.

And we planned to have a western dinner at home before my birthday, somehow they decided to make it on 16th which they still didn’t realize it’s my birthday, just the coincidence, but it’s still very speacial one after all. Thanks guys!

My sweetie pie

Me, Sis, Mummy and Yiyi had a yummy lunch at shop.

Feel so great!!

I want to say THANK YOU to mummy too,

who brought me to the world 26 years ago.


My yiyi,

who took care of me when I was a baby,

until now 🙂

At night,

we threw a small party at home,

Chef Phin dinner,

Cake chosen by Lougong,

Red eggs by Jin

Decoration by Mimi

Can you feel it?


They bought two angry bird cakes for the littles,

Ethan finished it just in the seconds,

but Wesley seems like not so into the creamy thingy.


Baby and Me

Some family portraits

My love and My love


We didn’t dress well,

but we enjoyed the night,

I guess,

at least I am.

The best is to have you in my every birthday

My another cutie pie, Ethan

Sing and Blow

The Chef


Love it!

Soup and main course


Chill Chill

Thank you guys!!!!

Looking forward to my 26th year in life!


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