Thanks Lougong for giving me his precious 5 days to me!

Just a sudden decision, we were flying to HK during the harvest holiday!

The people who knows Lo Su Fui, you should know how busy he is, feeling so good when he’s willing to spend sometime with me.

As I always tell him, the best gift from him is his TIME.

We don’t care about diet during the trip, especially in HK.

We hardly can find the bad food in HK yea?

Yung Kei is a must-go-place in HK.


oh.. I feel so hungry now!

non-stop eating! Never feel regret even we have another great dinner after that!

It’s situatied i-square. I forgot the name is 同福门or福满堂 something.

I never eat the pork which can melt in mouth..

I love this place so much!

night view..

We always can get a nice and clear photo here.

But still.. love it!

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