Happy Birthday My Love!


I hope you like the everything I have done to you, and you really enjoyed your birthday celebration.

It’s 30th! Still my man, still looking good, still love you very much.

Wish that I will be with you at the following birthdays, and able to do even more to make you happy!!

It’s a surprise! I published a book for lougong!

I hope this is really a special gift for you.

Although it’s too early for you as the book arrived all the way from Taiwan at one month before your birthday! hehe..

Feel elated to know that you really like this!!!

The book cover is the cake that I bake for lougong on his first birthday!

It’s ugly, but it’s beautiful memory!!!

At lougong’s birthday night.

Wesley was getting ready to go out with us! Cutie pie!

Another monster in our home!

Lougong, you like the arrangement?

Although it’s not a very special event, but I tried my best :p

Lougong is 30th!! Wish your dreams come true!

Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

Love you forever! heart

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