MacBook Air is just so tiny. lol

I stuffed all my belongings into the baggages last night, and shifted all to Lili’s. Tired.
And I went to Midvalley everyday since the day I finished my exam, I watched 3 new movies at the same cinema each of day too.
I did nothing about the ‘mega sale’, I don’t understand what’s ‘sale’ in Malaysia. But I got myself another new pair of Birkenstock ONLY! *sigh*.
Finally, I tasted Carls Jr. at Midvalley, it was so yummy! hmph, but too bad I can’t taste it anymore until the next time I visit KL.
I had Korean cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Western fast food, etc etc.
Awww.. hungry now. I need to go to kitchen an find some snacks.. Instant mee will do, hmph, the Fui is just so lazy and lying on the sofa….
Some photos will only post up later.
Good night.

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