my housemate was talking with the alien

I don’t know what happenned last night and made me so hard to get into sleep. God!!

I turned off the computer and light, and prepared to sneak into bed, I just realised that I can’t sleep without someone’s voice. Okay, whatever…

The wierd thing is I listened to something outside my room, I thought someone was watching tv at the living room. Rolling on the bed for quite a long while, then I woke up to toilet. NOBODY at the living room but I heard something like the conversation of my housemate with ‘someone’ from the other side just like alien, not the human voice but it’s like foreign larded with the connection problem, “what…..a…are……doing?” SO LOUDLY, I wonder why.

Then I went back to bed, but the room was soooo quiet and I can listen to the ‘wong wong wong’ sound from the room. You understand the situation when you just want to sleep, but it’s just too quiet until you can listen to something that actually you don’t or you can’t listen sometime??

Just kill me..



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