I want to blog everyday!

Oh, the days are so boring and dry without fui here. I guess I will live in the gloomy days soon when oliver is here? hehe. donno. Me and wanmei have no plan at all during these few days, but guess she’s not anymore, very soon.

Do you want to read my blog if I write the same thing everyday?

That’s all because I have nothing to do during the time in kl without fui, I mean not only fui anyway, that’s so great if someone can come over to spice up my life, like fui. haha Hey friends, come to rescue us, or me lar.

Same routine, same time, doing same thing, reading same books, argh.. I can’t wait until the set of exams is over!! FASSSSST. I have no planning after exam though, at least I bought my ticket right?

Howbeit, time still goes on.

Shower time. tata

oh, Kelly Chen’s new album <kellylicious> is bad, but cover is nice.


Meimei is so happy on her 4th birthday, I can feel how cheerful she is.


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