I was day dreaming in class today, the lecture was so boring! CLP is just killing me (us).

Anyway, talking about the dream! What’s your dream?  I met BoKhiong today, he’s my senior when I was still a young little innocent girl in St.John Ambulance, he’s like a big brother! He was like so surprise I’m in KL now and I’m so hardworking to attend the boring-5-hour-lecture! hehe.. Last but not least, it’s about when’s my turn to get marry! Ahha..that’s wanmei‘s job, she’s my spokesperson now, to answer what’s my plan for my wedding and even WHEN’s it!! (sweetheart, what to do?) I wish I can attend any one of friends’ wedding ceremony, no reason, a wedding ceremoney can let me to meet a lot of old bucks! Hey, anyone out there who want to invite me? That’s my pleasure to send u a regard and then a hug for you to hope that you can stay happy always! *lol*

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