A day out

Today, me and wanmei went to KLcentral from SubangKtmStation to meet up with wansim and tankok (sim‘s bf), we decided to have a lunch at KLCC. Janey joined us after rooms hunting at PantaiHillPark too. We had a very great chat at nando’s, but then it made me soooo tired (laughing too much I guess)! Then, I was so lazy to attend the tutorial, anyway, just force to go! We arrived at college around 7.40pm but actually the tutorial started at 6.30pm! hahaha.. Whatever! Me, wanmei and james, after the class, went to AsiaCafe after showed the room to someone who is interested to rent, she’s tina by the way. So fulled now!!

*Just finish talking with fui, miss him lots!! He always falls asleep easily when he’s talking with me at night…  

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