Not bad!

Except the problem, like what wanmei said, today is a good day!

We found our new home! It’s located at Pantai ParkHill, a great place! The owner is a designer, so the interior design of the condo is nice! Me, wanmei and desiree are soo loving it now! hehe.. And the owner will install a new air-con for us! Great, praise the God! He made us bumped into desiree, a long-lost friend today, and then brought us to a nice condo, and then God let us found one more housemate, and then had a great deal with the owner’s friend..even cheaper than my room now! Everything is fine!

But we only move in at Nov, as I still have deposit in this oven-house. Urgh. The bad news is that we highly likely can’t get back the deposit here, please God, help me! Nonetheless, like mummy said, can’t help too much..maybe we just let it be! Okay, I and wanmei had a expensive lecture today! I feel a little bit poor now!

Today is really a tired Sunday, but satisfied! Thanks God, lots and lots!

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