I feel so bad because I skipped the class today! I promise I will attend the class tomorrow!

But, we are so happy today, as me, wanmei, lisa and ahni, went to sing k at RedBox at the early morning, and we decided not going to class at the end. So, lisa drove us to BukitJalil and somewhere PetalingJaya, hmph..I have no idea where we were as we were in the car..*lol* And we had a tea at ss2, it’s a great Saturday! Saturday should have a nice out with friends but not staying in the stupid class! haha…okay okay, I must attend the class tomorrow!

Here’s the pics:




Somewhere to do exercise which near the Stadium BukitJalil, it’s nice!



er…we took inside the area of Stadium BukitJalil.


I love the houses in the housing area which situated in BukitJalil! But I can’t take a nice pic! hmph.

p/s: We found a nice condo at PalmSpring, at first, we left one kaki as three rooms in the condo, God bless, we found ella’s bro. None the less, the problem is when can we move out from this oven, we need to wait for the reply from the owner! Hope everything goes smooth *praying*!

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