Wesley is 2

Cuddling you in our arms bring us warmth

and a sense of appreciation of life

that we’ve never known.

Your parents are the luckiest parents in the whole world.



Wesley had a small birthday celebration at school this year.

I always think he will be more happy to celebrate his big day with his friends,

rather than with those daddy & mommy’s friends,

that might totally bring him bored.


And Yea,

I want to say thank you to the teachers at school for helping me a lot,

The Sweet Frosting for the center piece, goodie bags and the snack box,

My lovely family for helping me to prepare Wesley’s birthday.

Thank you!


Wesley had a fantastic birthday celebration, indeed.

Let’s check out the pics 😉

What a wonderful center piece!

Why airplane? 

As Wesley quite into airplane recently,

and I always think this little guy has a big dream.

Mommy and Daddy hope you can just go for your dream,

Like the birthday quote baba and mommy wrote for you

‘when you dare to dream, dare to fly, there’s time….’

the goodie bag for every little guest.

a food box for you

a very rich chocolate bake by ah Fun gugu

and also these lovely cupcake, yum..

helium balloons, the must in kids’ party

my little man is 2, awww

who is the pretty girl hugging Wesley?

Wes’ most favorite friend in school, Veronica! haha.

She’s Chloe.

the girlsss

enjoying the cupcake so much


He’s Tze Tze, another birthday boy! His birthday is just one day earlier than Wes’

And Wesley always talk about Tze Tze when he is home,

of course, Veron is the most talking about. haha

the boy is waiting for the red egg

(that’s my hands, I just realized I don’t have any picture with Wes at school, no…)

who is the person talking to him?

It’s baba!

this is Tze Tze’s brother called E E, very handsome boy

This is my friend Pauline’s daughter,

she is just new in school.




You did enjoy very much during the birthday!

I love you, Wes.

Your birthday brings me back to the days when I first held your fragile body in my arms.

I had seriously never seen anything so beautiful.

Love you Love you Love you.


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