some photos

Some photos taken during Wesley’s 16-month.

I bought a very expensive SD card and a LACIE memory stick, I tried to make things better, maybe.

Anyway, my old SD card was crashed, I don’t care but I just want my photos back.

A customer ordered 60 helium balloons from us, and Wesley so elated to see all those balloons!

That was so colorful! And we love it too.

Should I change my counter decoration? It looks messy!

We had a very great dinner at Yiyi’s house.

A little puppy in Yiyi’s house called Autumn, and Wesley so curious about it.

He was about to scare, yet wanted to make friend with Autumn. So cute of him.


Pizzzzza! Yum!

That was such a great night to gather with my cousins,

Jason came back from Australia, and I only knew how to play Monopoly Deal on that night.

Hehe. Looking forward to the other night we can fool again together.

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