Wesley’s 6th month

As lougong requested, and miss his son so much,

so I decided to post up some photos,

will this make him come back early? hehe 

Wesley – 1st day of 6 months 🙂

Little giraffe looks so cute!

Mummy always force to take pictures with her, so I think I try my best yea?

Wesley’s sleeping pattern during 6-month.

Go out with cousin Ethan again~

What a daddy’s boy! Yes, Wesley definitely is a daddy’s boy!

I think he miss his dad so much now! Dada, when you come back?

I miss the time to play with you….

Dinner at yiyi (Wesley’s yipo) house as pre-reunion dinner!

Taking photos with us and Wesley’s yiyi.

Mum gave Wesley’s a toy, it’s Dale! He likes it so much! 🙂

Yummylicous dinner!

Took at the first day of February!

See, the daddy’s boy begging dad to wake up and carry him,

and I faster took out the camera to capture this evidence. hehe

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