My Birthday 16/01/2011


lougong 为我弄了一个小小又温馨的birthday dinner!





3 together

Thanks everyone for celebrating my birthday!

I got a complimentary sushi birthday cake from the restaurant 🙂

第二个蛋糕.听说是lougong精心选择的喔! 哈哈.


另外还有第三个蛋糕,是ah jin买的,没有拍照!也谢谢你的礼物:)

Thank you lougong!

Thanks for your endure everytime,

Thanks for your every little surprises, everytime

I Love You!

And my lovely gerbera

my son can write birthday card to me! Big boy. lol


All and all, I really have a euphoric birthday!

Thanks to all who celebrated with me!

And for sure, thanks to my one and only, my love, my sweetheart, my husband, my man, my lougong.

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