Be a perfect life companion

I thought I can be good, but actually not.

I am telling myself these few days I should not mind, but I did.

Man and woman, they are totally different creature,  yet, they want to stay with each other.

A same thing they are looking at, but different idea or thought they pop out from their mind.

I thought two people are actually live with the memory that they had together, but actually they are bringing in their own memory to live with you.

So, I should just pretend I don’t know, I should just let it be there.

Because even you force to fling everything out of your sight, but you can’t see what’s inside the heart, the mind.

So why don’t just face it? Some people say don’t run away from the thing you’re getting cross with, but you face it. Yes, fight with it, you would not struggle with it anymore, someday later.


I think I was getting out of bed on the wrong side this morning.

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