Office Politics vs. Wedding

Talking about working, it’s about putting your effort and knowledge as much as you can, so that you can get the chance to promote, incremental of salary, to achieve yourself ambitions and so on. It’s not about meeting your soulmate, someone you would like to have lunch together everyday, talking in phone for all night long after working hours, blah blah blah.. Nonetheless, should I say I prefer this? Hm… I am so ambitious sometime, and so envy about the woman who can really work, on the other hand she can handle the family great. I love that!

The working environment of my company, or rather I say my branch, is getting complex, worse! That’s a very long story. Aww.. so painful sometime, I don’t understand. It’s about backstabs and backstabs, fighting and struggling! Well, I have to face this problem at everywhere. Perhaps. hmph. I always hope that I won’t getting down (so fast) after the few months, or almost a year of working hard! I don’t know when I will stop this job, but that’s not about now! But hey, the people around is just getting..hmm.. different? Or I got the real face after all this long time? Urgh. Anyway, the people reading this, that’s not talking about you! No worries. haha

Plus, room renovation, it’s just a room, but we’ve been busy for it about two months. However, this is the happy thing, which I am so willing to get into it. Time is getting tight and I am still fooling around and still about undecisive deal with a lot of things, items, details….

Okay, I have to learn all these… I’m still a little honey pie for my sweetheart anyway?.. haha

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