Quickly summarize the last few days of mine in Tawau.

Time passes freaking fast, and it’s Friday, Oh Jesus!

We had dinner at Yiyi‘s house during Wednesday night and last night, I and Lin made some sushi for the first night, it was quite fun, but so tired, it’s such a long time I didn’t experience the feeling of profusely sweating with my whole body. haha.

I watched the ‘Red Cliff’ again last night, with Fui, Victor and Anna, David and Jody. Yes, just to accompony Fui to watch without any complain, and I had made something clear about the plot too. Not bad though.

I text to SanSan, Catherine, Ni few days ago to find them out, but San was on the way to Sandakan and she told me Cat is having holiday at HK, Ni is still in KL.  okay…

Bui, Jiun, Kyle, Andrew are all in KL. Wanmei and Oli having honeymoon in HK, and Lynn, we must come out before you depart again. Chester and Han in Australia, Harrision who made me feel sad cos he never reply me any message, how come? hmph.

Oh ya, I bumped into Lih Chyng, we were best buddy during the time in school, luckily we still have some topics to chat up. haha. Still got a lot alot of friends outside who I don’t have chance to meet them up like Shong, Jason, Kyin, Yvonne, JennyPang, Laysan, Jovena, Wansim, Ven, Alson, and many many many many many…..

blah blah blah……

Okay, stop here.

p/s: According to the present forecast track, the Storm Signal No.8 will be in force this afternoon and tonight in HongKong. Better hit at the right time then.

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