A day gone

Suppose to stay in home tonight, as sweetheart told me he is going to meet a friend from Keningau.

After the dinner, the home phone rang and he asked me out for movie, haha.

Then, we chose The X-files I want to believe! Oh Jesus, what a bad movie! And I just realised that I never watch a complete episode of any x-files-series during the time I was at the primary school? or younger?

So, don’t watch or download this movie ever. hehe


No clear idea about the job yet, but I am trying hard to figure out. Can’t waste the time.


Oh dear, I am browsing through the facebook, and I saw one of my senior at the college was get married at England. She is just one or two year older than me, so sweet! Although I don’t know about her at all, but still, feeling good to her.


Time to bed. Good night.

Praying- everyday is good day..good day.. good day!

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