I’m in Tawau :)

Wooohoo, I feel so great to be home..

Just arrived last night and everything is so fine here.

I am waiting fui to come back from the wedding dinner, also, helping him to import the thousand of cds into the itunes, Crazy!

I am wondering how the sweetheart facing the so big-32-inch-Sony Bravia as the computer monitor, freak.

Aww.. life is good, and crazy.

3 thoughts on “I’m in Tawau :)

  1. hai.. nice meet ujust pass by ur blog . know that u had just buy a ricoh r8 cameraizzit nice??? how much ur bought it ? cause my fren and i also looking for a new camera .. dun knw wanna choose ricoh or leica…

  2. @ub_ub – Hi, the ricoh r8 cost me rm1250 with 2GB memory card. That’s nice hehe, actually I bought it for my sister and I’m using sony alpha 200 now. :p Ricoh and Leica are good cameras, that’s all depends on what kind of function you prefer, you can ask for the shops to give you some comment.. 🙂 Thanks for your message here. nice day.

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