too much

The Morpheus perhaps already forgot me tonight, I kept rolling on the bed but I just didn’t attack by the sleepy bug.

I was thinking so much things, I’m so sorry to someone after the conversation in phone, I felt that I am really those annoying one sometime. Even for me, I have no strength to move on or do anything at that situation anymore, so I understand, or I have to understand.

Thinking about the future, what’s the future, I can’t see it clearly. These two three months is the linchpin. I know, but I just like those utterly worthless person in the world, doing nothing, or rather, doing something pointless. But no, I have to remind myself everytime, I have to wake up, no dreaming anymore.

Thinking about the future, people said the most wonderful thing in the world is that you found someone that you love forever, and then you get marry, have the family and so on. I always thinking about that, and I always imagine that I will get marry before 23-24 which I think so fit haha, and then I can have my children before 30, so I won’t attend their graduation at the very old age, okay.. thinking too much. But girls always dreaming of that, perhaps me. Especially when you found someone that made you really feel that you want to… However, you always want to keep it secretly, as you hope the other half can think the same way like you…don’t you?

Couple always counting how long they have been together, how many days, months, years. Why? But I did, honestly. I am wondering now. Does it really important to count how long the couple been together? That’s not the point at all if the relationship don’t get better and tighter afterall. Perhaps, we used to say, ‘it’s 3 years dy, so long, I love you.’ haha. I don’t know. But I am still counting, why..

Life is too short, thinking too much of future is good or bad? Can we accomplish all the desires in one shot, one life? Good Luck to everyone.

I really want to sleep.. the first time so late to dream since I back from hometown. I don’t want to but here it’s.

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