rainy day

Just back from Midvalley and staring at the screen, don’t know what to do! Don’t feel like to watch drama so just keep surfing on the net!

I’m watching 野蛮奶奶 (war in laws) recently, it’s quite okay and funny too! And also finished the 律政新人王 (survivor law), not really good but acceptable when you’re really free! hehe. I am quite looking forward to the new drama at the end of this month which is called 和味浓情, because it’s all talking about my favourite food, JAPANESE FOODS! And it makes me want to go Japan too, hmph… I was starving when I was watching the trial at tv! I need to make sure that I’m always fulled when I watch that. And another movie which is on show during chinese new year is 最美丽的第七天, hehe, is kevin and niki again! Nice. But the new drama recently is quite terrible which is called 秀才爱上兵! I can’t believe that yumiko can act, and she’s far more different from niki, niki is chipper but yumi like more wild I guess, eeeeee… Some people just keep scolding yumi in the forum, they even said the yumi just made them want to vomit when she acts cute and thanks god because she makes them have the time to study. hahah!

One more thing, kevin is coming tomorrow at sunway pyramid…hmmmm Might not going, no ticket and I am not the idolater like before anymore.. But you guys who hasn’t see kevin in real before should go for it, because he’s really really attractive, even my mum said that too! hehe

wanmei was knocking my door just now, I can’t believe that fui was flashed on my mind, I thought he is going to give me another surprise!! When I opened the door, wanmei gave me a magazine and went into the toilet!! And I laughed to myself! STUPID!

okay, tv time. also thinking what to eat later. tata

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