keep it up

I used to update my blog everyday but it seems like it’s lack of update recently. And fui taught me a lesson these few days, I am just the kind of person who is lack of stamina and always no confident to finish a thing or what, I wonder if I am really that worse!  or I am just not interested to something? okok, no excuses or runaround.

Hmm.. I will pick it up and try to blog frequently!

Somehow, I am just staying in home these few days, tomorrow will be the same cos I would not go out at the public holiday! I already think what is my breakfast now.. not instant mee please.

5 thoughts on “keep it up

  1. was thinking to switch to blogspot initially…after tat i found tat it is not ez to set up oso..
    so jiu temporary stop blogging lo…since my life now is so-not-happening, gt nth to share..haha!
    anyway, will inform u when i’ve a new one? 😛

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