About my birthday

Tomorrow is my birthday! Time passes fast, I still remember how’s my birthday at England last year, fulled of surprises, fui was there, and I really love my 21st! And, I gonna celebrate, or I should say pass through my birthday at KL this year. I have a blast birthday celebration last week with my great friends, and tomorrow? Planning to have a dinner with wanmei and wansim, hm…might only be like that!

Nothing much expectation on my birthday, I don’t really know or like to celebrate my own birthday! Because I don’t know how it should be, and I feel a bit fulsome and uneasy to demand things or gifts on my birthday! I mean me, not others! I love to celebrate friends’ birthday! Haha, weird right? Many times, I just hope that I can pass my birthday faster and back to the normal! I don’t like the feel of emptiness after birthday too. Argh.

So, what can I do now?

Gonna prepare for tutorial. see u

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